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Ultimate Guide about Car Keys Tracking Devices

Tired of searching for your car keys every time leaving your house? Have you ever thought about having a car key with a tracking device?

Car key trackers are lifesavers for people who often forget things. Various types of car key locators are available to save your time for locating car keys while leaving for an urgent meeting.

Continue reading this article to know more about the types of car keys with tracking devices, which one you should get for yourself, and how they work.

Let’s get started.

How Do Built-in Car Key Tracking Devices Work?

Typically, many advanced and modern vehicles are equipped with keys that consist of built-in tracking devices. Usually, this key consists of more information than your computers have.

Such key trackers come with vehicles that offer a push to start feature or provide a keyless start. Technically, these keys are designed with a tracking program to initiate the keyless start in cars.

Usually, these key tracking devices are equipped with the latest car models. These are all-in-one tools for cars including locks, keys, immobilizer systems, and a secure internal computer that protects them from hacking.

However, if this key is broken by a hacker, your vehicle’s access, viruses, decode and cloning keys, and tracking software will be accessible to everyone. Thus, these tracking keys prevent information scraping and cloning.

How to Protect Your Car keys Tracking Device from Hacking?

Owning a modern and latest car key with a tracking device is a classy addition but it brings some risks. Anyone standing close to 20 feet, can clone your key program and get access to your car.

To that end, many brands are manufacturing pouches with an enhanced security system. With the help of this system, your keys will only accept the signals from your car and block any other signals coming from the unauthentic source. Such security pouches get attached to your car keys and can be an attractive addition to your gadgets.

Types of Car Keys with Tracking Devices

Usually, people lose their car keys and don’t know where to find them. To that end, some manufacturers have introduced different types of car key trackers to let you locate your car keys when you are in a hurry. 

You can choose the one that suits your requirements. Here is the list of car key tracking devices that will attach to your keys and will help you in reaching them in the minimum time:

1. Bluetooth Car Key Tracking Devices

The major advantage of this type of locating device is you can conveniently connect it to your smartphone as every smartphone has a Bluetooth connection. You can find car keys with your cell phone anytime.

Moreover, there is some key that works another way around as well. For example, if you have a car key fob but couldn’t find your mobile then you can use your keys to locate your smartphone. 

However, the drawback of using Bluetooth locators is their range. If the keys are not in the Bluetooth range of your smartphone then you will lose the connection and ultimately won’t be able to locate your car keys. 

Even though many manufacturers claim the Bluetooth range of the locator to be 30 feet, the actual ranges are often lesser or sometimes work only in the area of 10 feet. Furthermore, physical obstacles like walls and windows also affect the range and efficiency of Bluetooth car key tracking devices.

2. RFID Car Key Tracking Devices

RFID is a small, handy, and passive device that is silent and soundless. Technically, it works in a similar way to Bluetooth car key trackers but instead of using a standalone receiving unit, these use small tiles or stickers to tag your ownership.

Moreover, these tiny stickers paired with the car key generate the electromagnetic field and have the ability to pinpoint the location of the stickers to know the location of the keys.

3. Different Car Key Tracking Devices

If your car key locating device doesn’t have Bluetooth, the key can be equipped with a tracking device. Usually, such devices consist of a dongle that is used to connect them with a car key finder app on your smartphone. This dongle device is a safer option for every person who is prone to losing things easily.

Such tracking devices can be the best key finder since they have a range of over 60 feet or sometimes even more than that. However, they also face the same issue when physical obstructing barriers come along. 

Even so, the radio waves emitted from dongle devices can penetrate through obstacles including refrigerators and walls. But it affects its efficiency and reduces the force.

Do Tracking Devices for Car Keys Make Sense?

Car key tracking devices have made the lives of forgetful people so easy and simple. They don’t have to remember where they kept their keys last time or when was the last time they saw the keys. All they have to do is take out their smartphone or locate the device and it will help them to get their keys back in minutes.

However, some people find the car key tracking devices annoying and a hassle to handle. It is because some of these trackers have range limitations or some have complicated software to get the keys back.

Undoubtedly, locating a car key in minutes even with weak signals is always better than losing them or searching for them for hours. The car key tracking device is worth it to some extent.

Final Words

Losing car keys is irritating and frustrating especially when you are getting late for your office or need to catch an early train. To that end, car key tracking devices have made our lives easier and comfortable.

Even though it’s a hassle for some car drivers, still nothing is better than getting your keys back in minutes than looking for them for hours. Even then if you have lost car keys, get a car replacement key service by an efficient locksmith to get your car on the road again.